Snow Resorts
For 3D measurements of snow parks, snow thicknesses and avalanche forecasting assistance


One of our areas of expertise that we are very excited about is snow.
With the techniques developed by Mapix, there are multiple possibilities when it comes to building snow parks, measuring inruns or slope angles, snow volumes and other services.
Whatever your question is, we will offer the best solution to your problem.

What we can do for you

Our Offer

3D survey snow parks

We create a photorealistic 3D model of the current and future set-up.

Snow thicknesses

We generate a 3D survey of the terrain and determine the exact snow thicknesses.

Avalanche predictions

We provide a full 3D survey of the mountain to provide an aid to avalanche forecasting.

3D measurement for ski elevators

We provide a 3D model of the mountain for optimizing the position of your future ski elevators.

What We Did

Our Achievements

► Olympics training set-up for Anna Gasser

This is a 3D model of the training setup equipped with a landing airbag. This was used by Anna Gasser who was able to learn her tricks on it after which she was able to win gold at the 2018 Olympics in snowboarding.

3D model in the snow

A 3D measurement of the snow on which there are numerous applications:
- Determine the depth of the snow in 3D
- Slope in 3D
- Positioning of ski lifts in 3D
- Simulate snowparks in 3D

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